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From full yard renovations to small backyard installs, interior fireplaces to outdoor kitchens, we have a proven track record of quality craftsmanship delivered with artistry and integrity. 

Integrity is a guiding principle for every individual working with Thaysen Landscapes, from the top down and inside out. 

Integrity, for our clients, means no headaches, clear and consistent communication, proper prep and superior construction resulting in a stunning finished landscape that will outlast the test of time.

Thaysen Landscapes Inc is different from other landscape companies in Vancouver due to one guiding principle - Integrity. Integrity from the sub-grade up, from the hundreds of decisions that are made throughout the construction process to the patience we apply to thousands of details are all implemented with one guiding question. "If this was my property, how would I want this decision made?"  We believe that a beautifully created landscape can be tarnished by a few bad decisions about the smallest of details, that's why we carry that integrity through the whole project from the very bottom, up.

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